Roadworthy Certificate West Melbourne

Roadworthy certificate, or RWC as it is generally referred to, is an importance certificate that is needed in case you wish to sell your vehicle or transfer its ownership. Vehicle testers that carry out certain checks and inspections after which the vehicle owners receive the RWC. Westend Automotive Centre in Melbourne has authorised testers on-board who perform these inspections and hand out of the RWC, irrespective of the model or make of the vehicle.

What is the RWC all about?

The inspection conducted at Westend Automotive Centre for RWC in North Melbourne and West Melbourne cover certain safety aspects that include tyres, brakes, steering, lamps and reflectors, suspensions, windscreen, windows, wipers, exhaust engine, bonnets, damage to the body or structure of the vehicle, and numerous other safety factors involving the engine, etc.

After the inspection is conducted, the licenced tester at our service centre will hand over the RWC to you. If your vehicle fails the inspection, you are required to get it repaired within 7 days from the day of the rejection notice. Once repaired, you can get it inspected again for the RWC. The greatest benefit for our customers is that your car can both be repaired and get the RWC issued under one roof. And with us taking care of the repairs, the chances of the RWC being rejected are next to impossible.

The certificate is used only if the vehicle complies with all of the safety measure requirements. Along with major functioning, the smallest of car details needs to be inspected thoroughly. Taking every feature into consideration, the RWC is granted when all of the safety requirements are met with the least chances of compromise. This also includes seatbelt checks where even the belt tension is inspected.

How can you benefit from the RWC?

Besides the need to comply with road authorities, having your vehicle undergo a safety issuance check will also help you in the future when you sell your vehicle or transfer the ownership. The RWC works as proof that your vehicle, indeed, is in a good condition. While one can sell their vehicle without an RWC if it isn’t registered, the RWC would certainly be needed when the vehicle is re-registered. According to law, an RWC becomes a mandate during all of these transactions.

You can get your vehicles inspected for an RWC in West Melbourne and North Melbourne at Westend Automotive Centre. Contact us to book your appointment or visit us right at our service station.