How do you keep a check on your car maintenance

Who doesn’t like to save costs on car maintenance and on costly breakdowns? Though everyone relies on a car mechanic in North Melbourne, it is always advisable to practice a habit of conducting basic regular car maintenance. You can manage to have routine car care yourself by following the guidelines present in your manual.

Here are three ways to keep a check on your vehicle

1. Refer to the owner’s manual

With every vehicle, comes an owner manual that has all the information regarding the maintenance of the vehicle. If you have misplaced your copy, you can get it online. Refer to the maintenance schedule page where you can take note of all the necessary care to be taken. Follow the instructions with regards to the maintenance items such as engine oil, tire replacements, belts and hoses, and so on.

2. Check your oil and oil filter.

The most important factor that keeps your vehicle move smoothly is the oil. It is the heart of the engine. It acts as a lubricant, keeping all the vital parts of the engine intact. According to research, the type of oil is not important as long as it serves the purpose and meets the viscosity requirements mentioned in the manual.

3. Inspect your tires monthly

Checking your tires monthly is the most important ritual that you need to follow. You must keep it inflated properly so that it is doing its job well and lowers the chances of a blowout. However, just knowing how to add air to your tyres is not enough. What you need to know is the correct tyre pressure.

If you find difficult to do the car maintenance all by yourself, you can rely on our car mechanics in North Melbourne to do the job for you. Westend Automotive Centre has the finest car mechanics that understand and spot your car issues and resolve it efficiently. If you have any queries, feel free to call us.


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